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Color Matters – A Useful Color Utility

magicpixelWhen planning and building a website, the colors play a big part in your design and over 'look' of the website. It is often necessary to necessary to choose colors or match colors. A good tool to have in your website 'toolbox' is software that can identify colors. Magic Pixel is a free program that is a great color tool. A very useful utility: Magic Pixel allows you to get the color code of any pixel that your cursor is on. It´s portable and small. Using Magic Pixel is very easy. Just move the cursor in the full color palette or anywhere on the screen to get the color code. The software will give you the color code in various different formats (RGB, HTML, HEX, CMUK, HSV, YUV, HSL). These kind of color tools are great when you are trying to match colors. No need to guess, just put your cursor over the color you need to identify and you will get all the color codes. Choose the color code in the format that is consistent with your existing website coding and enter it where necessary. Related: Web Hosting Tools

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