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How much Bandwidth do you Need?

Many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, lessening the need of precise bandwidth allocation, good for webmasters to learn how to calculate their website’s bandwidth needs. The amount of necessary bandwidth depends on your website traffic and application. Most websites or blogs do not need a lot of bandwidth, however, it is good to have more than what you will ever, likely, need.

To calculate how much bandwidth you need:
Bandwidth = Total of Estimated Page Views (in 30 days) x Average Page Size x Safety Factor
In case your website allows downloads, then:
Bandwidth = [Total of Estimated Page Views (in 30 days) x Average Page Size + Total number of downloads (in 30days) x Average File Size] x Safety Factor
The value of safety factor depends on how ‘safe’ you want your website to be from sudden traffics spikes. A safety factor of 2 to 2.5 should be sufficient. The higher the safety factor, the more equipped your website is to survive in sudden traffics surge. Think your website won’t experience large traffics spikes? It's more likely than you might think. Social websites like Digg or Stumble Upon can have a 'traffic spike' affect. These social networking websites can send thousands of visitors in just a couple of hours. Don’t leave your website unprepared.

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