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Buying Ranked Domain Names

Webmasters and website owners work very hard get higher page ranks for their websites but others people prefer to do it an easier way. There is an easier route to take if you want to have a high PR site. It does come with a heavy price. You may not be aware of this but you can purchase a domain name that has a higher page rank, on several auction sites like eBay. There are downsides in this practice and caution must be always exercised by the buyer. A higher PR does not automatically mean that the site has been indexed by Google already! Not being indexed by Google will defeat the entire purpose of acquiring a higher ranked domain name. There are tools and software online that you can utilize in order to check the page rank, index and back links. The use of these tools is a great help in determining if you are about to make the right decision when it comes to domain buying. Look at the number of back links and what sites the back links are located on. Be sure that many of the back links are on websites that are, at least remotely, related to the topic or idea behind the domain name. People buy high PR domain names for different reasons and here are some considerations you should make before purchasing a domain name: -A website’s page rank may change in time. Sellers cannot guarantee that a website will stay at its current ranking when you made the purchase. Your domain could fall down the ranking with for seemingly, no reason. In addition, if you use the domain name to build a website that is not optimized around the correct keywords and incorporate the proper SEO techniques, you could cause the ranking of the domain name to decrease. Google's ranking system is an unsolved puzzle. A website can go from a high page rank to a lower one on the next Google update. -Beware of fake sellers. Use the tools to verify the authenticity of a domain name and at the same time know a little about the seller. One of the pitfalls when it comes to buying online is that you don’t see the actual person and the transaction could be untraceable. Try to buy from a reputable seller and do your research on the domain before your purchase it While having a high PR domain could provide you with a number of benefits, it is very important to be always careful if you are planning to purchase one. You might also want to consider using other strategies to increase your website’s page rank. Related: {Register ICANN certified domain names} {Quality Hosting} {Domain name reseller}

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