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Why Visions Hosting is Better than Wix

All web hosting is not created equal. All websites are not created equal. There are a lot of companies that will offer you a free website or a website that you can create in ten minutes, with out knowing any code or having any website knowledge. They are not telling you a lie, but they are not giving you the full story either. Visions Hosting is a true, full services hosting and website build company. This article will demonstrate why you want to avoid the 'no knowledge needed' website building companies.

Wix offers free website hosting and building tools but these 'free' websites are ad driven, have a certain amount of 'free' templates that you can use and are limited in the amount of space, bandwidth and options you have to create a website that functions, looks good and gets noticed by search engines. Wix free website do not allow for you to use a unique domain name. Your website will be assigned to a of Example, your address would look like this Your website will be a sub-entity of Wix. Not your own unique domain.

Let's begin with pricing:

Visions Hosting Pricing

Visions Hosting Prices

Wix Premium (not free) Prices

Wix Premium (not free) Prices

With Visions Hosting, you clearly get more for your money!

Visions Hosting plans begin at $3 per month. Wix's premium plans (not free) start at $4.08 per month (cheapest premium plan still includes Wix ads). All Wix premium plans will include you the following:
  • Connect Your Domain - None of the advertised plans include the cost of your domain name! They will give you a domain space that is not uniquely yours. It will be a sub-domain of This is not what you want when you want for your website. You want to brand your website and make it unique to search engines. Using a sub-domain of for your website will help's ranking but not yours. You want a unique domain that will extend your branding and be unique to search engines. Wix will offer you a unique domain to register but they are more expensive. All of Visions Hosting plans (except the Starter plan) includes one year free domain registration and our domain name prices are an average of $5 cheaper. Visions Hosting is an . Wix does not indicate one way or the other on their website.
    What is the cost of a Wix domain name?
    • One Year: $14.95
    • Two Years: $27.90
    • Three Years: $38.85
    What is the cost of a Visions Hosting domain name?
    • One Year: $9.95
    • Two Years: $19.90
    • Three Years: $29.85
    Looking at domain names alone, you will save about $5 a year on domain name cost.
  • Free Hosting- If the hosting is free, what are you paying for? You are offered a limited amount of bandwidth and storage for your website. For the cheapest plan you get 500mb of storage and 500mb of bandwidth. In addition, the cheapest plan still displays third-party ads. Visions Hosting offers unlimited storage and bandwidth for it's Starter plan, which is the cheapest plan offered. In addition we have several data centers that you can choose to serve your website from. This allow you to choose a data centers, worldwide, that is near you geographically or near your geographical target area. Have multiple data centers adds an extra level of the total network stability.
  • Google Analytics- This is a free Google service anyway! You can register any website, hosted by any company, with Google analytics account. You can get a Google Analytics account for free using your existing Google email account. Visions Hosting also has comprehensive website statistics that you can use in conjunction with other analytical tools.
  • Premium Support- What does this mean? With Visions all accounts get world-class customer and technical support. We offer chat support, telephone support, email support and a comprehensive support ticket system.

Visions Hosting Business plan is $4 per month. With Visions Hosting Business plan you can host up to 5 domains (5 different websites) All Wix plans only allow for serving one domain per account. Wix's 'Unlimited' plan is $12.42 per month. The 'Unlimited' plan will include all the offerings for the basic plan (cheapest) as well as the following:
  • Mobile Free Ads- You must have this level of hosting plan before Wix will stop serving mobile ads when your website is accessed with a mobile device. With Visions Hosting, there are never any ads served unless you put them there to be served!
  • Add Favicom- Not sure why this is listed as a feature. Favicons are the small 16 pixel by 16 pixel or 32 pixel by 32 pixel pictures you see beside some URLs in your browser’s address bar. These can be added to any website. Visions Hosting supports favicons on all levels of plans.
  • Bandwidth- At this plan level, Wix offers unlimited . Visions Hosting offers unlimited bandwidth for all levels of hosting plans.
  • Storage- At this level Wix offers 2.5Gb of storage space. Visions Hosting offers unlimited storage space for all levels of accounts.
  • Remove Wix Ads- Wix will free you of their advertisements at this package level. Vision Hosting is ad free for any account level.

Visions Hosting Corporate plan is $8.92 per month. Wix's 'eCommerce' plan is $16.17 per month. The 'eCommerce' plan will include all the offerings for the 'unlimited' plan as well as the following:
  • Shopping Cart- This is the last offering that is included in the most expensive package offered by Wix. Visions Hosting offers shopping carts with all levels of accounts. Visions Hosting has a library of scripts and tools, including several shopping carts, that are able to be installed with one click! No coding knowledge needed. A major problem with Wix shopping carts is that you don't even have the option to use a SSL certificate. A shopping cart can work with out it but when making online transactions on your website, you want the extra security that SSL certificates provide. This inspires confidence in your customers and you can be comfortable that your customers information is not intercepted.
Visions Hosting clearly provides more value for your money in addition to lower overall prices.

The idea behind Wix is that you get to choose a website template from their website templates and you can add functionality by purchasing or upgrading with their apps or add-ons. They have some templates and add-ons that are for free accounts only and others that are for premium accounts. Is the use of a template or add-on worth paying more money for less control and a less robust web serving platform? No ... and Visions Hosting offers a library of scripts and add-ons, that dwarfs Wix's, for free to all plan levels. If the website builder is your main attraction to Wix, Visions Hosting also has a template based web building suite that can get you up and running. Site Studio is a free web-based site creation tool, offering a variety of personal and business templates. It offers a quick browser-based site setup wizard, where you can upload text, images, buttons, sidebars and other site elements in just a click. No programming knowledge or special skills are required to use the tool! With Visions Hosting you can also install a several content management systems, including WordPress and Joomla, that have countless free and premium templates that you can use or acquire. All the scripts and add-ons are one-click installs that don't require advanced knowledge. This makes the style, look and function of your website limitless with Visions Hosting.

Wix does not offer email address! Visions Hosting offers numerous email addresses with all of our hosting plans. This allows you to manage your email mailboxes and your website from one control panel. With Wix you have to manage your email accounts with a separate company. Visions email accounts can be configured to work with mail clients such as Outlook, can be forwarded to an existing email address or can be checked via webmail.

Finally, Visions Hosting allows room for your website and your skill to grow. We offer full control over your hosting account if you need it. There are advanced function that can be performed for your website on Visions Hosting that Wix just won't allow. For example, with Visions Hosting, you can manage your outgoing connections, block IP address, set up crons jobs and so much more. These are more advanced functions but are included in each and every one of Visions Hosting plans.

Don't get carried away with slick internet ads, television commercials and all the hype. Look at the details! Visions Hosting has a more stable network, anchored by several data centers world-wide. Visions Hosting provides more a complete solution for your website and email needs. Visions Hosting provides a template based web building suite as well as one-click-install content management systems (ex. WordPress). Visions Hosting has world-class customer and technical support. Visions Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime of your website and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If your serious about your website and need a platform that will allow you the functionality, control and room to expand, you want Visions Hosting. Don't believe the hype.... look at the details!
Also called a child domain, a domain that is part of a larger domain name in DNS hierarchy. DNS hierarchy consists of the root-level domain at the top, underneath which are the top-level domains, followed by second-level domains and finally sub-domains.
A company that registers domain names for Internet users.
bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to occur between your web site and the rest of the internet. The amount of bandwidth a hosting company can provide is determined by their network connections, both internal to their data center and external to the public internet.

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